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Safety Tips

How to Stay Safe

While shopping

•Try to keep a free hand while shopping

•Keep an eye on reflections in store windows if someone is following you go into the nearest store or building until the predator has left

•Don't allow yourself to be cornered

•Have shoulder strap across your body not shoulder

•While walking to your car check under car,and on the back seat and floor when door opens for light

•Never leave your car door unlocked

•Don't fight for parking spots

•Always have your keys ready before you get to your car


While driving

•Don't stop at a rest stop at night

•Always keep your car doors locked

•Always keep enough gas in your car that you won't run out

•Carjackers like to do the “bump and rob” ploy if this happens stay in your car with your car running and role down your windows ever slightly if you feel threatened go to police immediately

•When stopped check all your surroundings for any unusual activity

•If you are stalled or broke down stay in your car lock all your doors and crack your windows and call for help and wait for help to arrive

•Don't pick up hitchhikers or any in trouble instead call 911 if you feel they might need assistance


While walking

•When walking go towards traffic

•Don't walk to close to corner of buildings try to keep further than an arms length away

•Avoid outside ATM'S


While at home

•Have an alarm system

•Have solid door locks

•Sliding doors keep a piece of wood in the tracks

•No ladders outside keep them stored away

•Don't have answering machine say you are not home


While Traveling

•Never mention to anyone that you are staying alone

•Check your room upon entering

•Don't get on the elevator alone

•when visiting other countries try not to look like a tourists


In today's dangerous world you need to be ready more than ever. This means be more aware and prepared than ever to deal with a dangerous situation.

Predators look for people who are walking alone,with their heads down,listening to music.

Improve your awareness level. Always trust your instincts. The more your prepared to fight chances are you won't have to. If you feel threatened don't ignore it you must treat it seriously. Go to the police if need be.

Finally take a Krav Maga course to learn how to defend yourself if the situation ever occurs!

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