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We offer a 9 month to 1 year program for those who have one year of experience in law enforcement or military Or Three years of fulltime experience in the martial arts. Qualified participants will receive a Instructors Diploma at the end of the program.  The Instructors Diploma test is an additional cost. This Program teaches Civlian, Police, Military Tactics.To join go to our online store to pay. 


Advance Brown Belt/ Beginner Instructor allows you to teach Civilian Self Defense

Black Belt/ Apprentice Instructor allows you to teach Police Self Defense

2nd Degree Black Belt/ Associate Instructor allows you to teach Military Self Defense

3rd Degree Black Belt/ Full Instructor allows you to teach Close Protection, Private Security Self Defense

4th Degree Black Belt/ Level 5 allows you to teach Transportation Tactics, including Aviation, Bus, Train, Sea.

Our Self Defense Tactics include: Self Defense, Civilian, Womens, Law Enforcement, Military, Private Security, Close Protection which includes Aviation Tactics, Sea, and Transportation Tactics, and Disarming

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  • "Krav Maga combines the most efficient techniques utilizing diverse fighting systems. The instructor program was professionally organized and taught by Dennis Fritzinger. I found..."
    KirkRyan Alexander McFarland
  • "After studying various martial arts in the past, I am very impressed with krav maga. I am also fortunate to have Dennis as my instructor. He is great. "


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