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We offer a 9 month to 1 year program for those who have one year of experience in law enforcement or military Or Three years of fulltime experience in the martial arts. Qualified participants will receive a Instructors Diploma at the end of the program. This Program teaches Civlian, Police, Military Tactics.To join go to our online store to pay.


Advance Brown Belt/ Beginner Instructor allows you to teach Civilian Self Defense

Black Belt/ Apprentice Instructor allows you to teach Police Self Defense

2nd Degree Black Belt/ Associate Instructor allows you to teach Military Self Defense

3rd Degree Black Belt/ Full Instructor allows you to teach Close Protection, Private Security Self Defense

4th Degree Black Belt/ Level 5 allows you to teach Transportation Tactics, including Aviation, Bus, Train, Sea.

Our Self Defense Tactics include: Self Defense, Civilian, Womens, Law Enforcement, Military, Private Security, Close Protection which includes Aviation Tactics, Sea, and Transportation Tactics, and Disarming

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  • "Krav Maga combines the most efficient techniques utilizing diverse fighting systems. The instructor program was professionally organized and taught by Dennis Fritzinger. I found..."
    KirkRyan Alexander McFarland
  • "After studying various martial arts in the past, I am very impressed with krav maga. I am also fortunate to have Dennis as my instructor. He is great. "


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