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We are now offering a simple way to learn and train at home program. Our Krav Maga program will allow you to view video clips thru your email. With this program you will be able to watch the clips, and practice them at your own pace in the comfort of your home.  We offer video rank exams. A well thought out home study program that is easy to learn.Dennis Fritzinger, an expert in Krav Maga Self Defense shows you how to counter attack in a street enviroment facing all types of attacks: helping a person out, how react facing different weapons ( cutter, knife, gun ...) Surviving kicks, punches, knives, bat attacks, or defending yourself effeciently against surprise strangulation or violent grabs. The techniques have been modified and tested in live action from the best Instructors that I have ever come in contact with. These techniques are made for anyone to be able to defend yourself from the 5ft. Girl to the 6ft man. The techniques are filmed normal in a slow motion to be able to teach. Easy to follow along clips. Anticipate, analyze and counter attack against any attack. arn White Belt to Black Belt

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  • "Krav Maga combines the most efficient techniques utilizing diverse fighting systems. The instructor program was professionally organized and taught by Dennis Fritzinger. I found..."
    KirkRyan Alexander McFarland
  • "After studying various martial arts in the past, I am very impressed with krav maga. I am also fortunate to have Dennis as my instructor. He is great. "


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