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Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Combat Training and Fitness, Realistic Self Defense for the Real World.

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This is a 5 hr Lesson. The Israeli Military/Martial Arts system covers all aspects of real life Self Defense situations! You will learn Krav Maga Combative Principles & Fight Strategies, Combat Stances, Footwork, Intercepting Drills, Combative Punches, Combative Open Hand Strikes, Devistating Elbow & Knee Strikes, Combative Kicks, Effective Blocks & Destructions, Combat Combinations, Common Street Self Defense Scenarios, Brutal Standing & Ground Submissions such as; Wrist Locks, Arm Locks, Leg Locks, Chokes & Neck Cranks. Also taught is Club/Bat, Gun, Knife Defense from every possible situation that is not commonly taught in other martial arts systems. That is what seperates our Krav Maga system from the rest!

This Unique Krav Maga program teaches you Combative Multiple Attacker defense ( unlike other systems), defense against various Surprise Attacks (including how to read an attacker's body language), unique & combative Stick & Knife Fighting, Full Contact Training & Sparring in all of the ranges of combat ( kicking, punching, clinch & ground fighting), combat Grappling & Ground Fighting ( Modified Wrestling & Jujitsu combined with Kino Mutai for the street), Grappling Drills From Wrestling & Jujitsu, Kino Mutai ( The viscious Fillipino art of Eye Gauging & Biting), Dirty Clinch Fighting ( Muay Thai & Kino Mutai techniques combined), Hostage scenarios in variuos enviroments, Rolls & Falling techniques for the street, methods for controlling an Assailant. Also taught is self defense against the Gun & Knife on the Ground. You will also learn various street self defense scenarios against Chokes, Holds, Hair Grabs, etc. including how to deliver various combative kicks from the Ground & how to defend against kicks on the Ground including getting up!

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