Krav Maga of Albrightsville

Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Combat Training and Fitness, Realistic Self Defense for the Real World.

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FIMA/ Krav Maga Event 1 day Saturday or Sunday


Learn Krav Maga from the systems of  History Channel Human Weapon Itay Gil, Discovery Channel Fight Quest Ran Nakash, and the Original School of Krav Maga Yaron Lichtenstein. I have spent ! yr in Ran Nakash system,  I have spent 6 yrs in Itay Gil system, I have spent 10 yrs in Yaron Lichtenstein system, and 1 yr with the Israeli Federation of Martial Arts.


6 Hrs of Training


1 Day of Training


Sat. July 9th or Sun. July 10th


9am to 3pm

 Defense Against Armed Assaillants in Confined Spaces. In and Around the Car, Airplane, Bus and Hostage Situations. All Styles and Ranks are Welcome no matter what rank you are.

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