Krav Maga of Albrightsville

Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Combat Training and Fitness, Realistic Self Defense for the Real World.


Quotes After studying various martial arts in the past, I am very impressed with krav maga. I am also fortunate to have Dennis as my instructor. He is great. Quotes

Quotes Krav Maga combines the most efficient techniques utilizing diverse fighting systems. The instructor program was professionally organized and taught by Dennis Fritzinger. I found the combination of kinesthetic, auditory, and visual teaching methods essential to the program. If you are seeking a real world fighting system look no further and join Krav Maga of Albrightsville. Quotes
KirkRyan Alexander McFarland

Quotes The most realistic self defense out there. Quotes

Quotes You have more useful info than the British had pre-WWII. Quotes

Quotes I have been taking Korean Martial Arts for some time and nothing compares to the self defense in Krav Maga that is taught here. It's Awesome ! Quotes

Quotes This is one of the greatest self defense systems I have ever seen I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you Quotes
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