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The difference between Krav Maga and other Martial Arts

Posted by Dennis Fritzinger on October 20, 2011 at 1:10 PM

Krav Maga is totally designed for the worst situation that you can possibly think of, shit hits the fan, all hell breaks lose, situation. Because that my friends, is what Israeli's call the Middle East. Krav Maga does not focus on techniques but on concepts. It does not focus on fine motor techniques or on fancy applications. It does not matter precisely how you grab the person and a technique cannot depend upon an exact application because in a real situation you cannot expect it to happen in a text book fashion.

It has to work even if you do it a bit wrong, it has to work even if you are overpowered. It has to work even if you do not remember the exact details. It depends on attitude, intensity, aggressiveness, and will power more than technique. This is the difference between Krav Maga and other Martial Arts.

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