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Krav Maga - How to defend yourself on the street

Posted by Dennis Fritzinger on November 24, 2013 at 10:30 PM

Krav Maga - How to defend yourself on the street

The story of Jenny !

This was the keyword: self-defense. My schoolmates bullied me when I was in school. It was not often but sometimes I was the guy who got knocked by children who wanted to show how tough they are. On my school bullying children was like an entry ticket to a girls, you know what I mean. Also if you are a girl, in fact a fat and ugly one, the boys bullyied you. Doesn't matter. The main reason was to look strong.

When I remember this time I laugh only. Yes, I am not a boy maybe but who said self-defense is for boys only? I decided to learn self defense when I was confronted with a bad situation the first time in my life. It was at 9 pm. You have to know, here where I live, it is not safe on the streets especially if you are a woman. Perverted men will bother and try to get what they want. Let us not go deeper in the details. You just have to know that those perverts are not friendly and they will not let you go easily.

2 weeks ago it happened: I was at my friend Laura. We watched Tv but I noticed it was late outside and I did not come with the car because the only way I have to pass were 3 streets. bad luck. because this evening the Jenny everyone knew before would change. Three guys came to my direction. I knew something was wrong and I had to go faster. When I tried to walk faster they whistled and called hey babe, where are you going? Stop for a moment! Hah, I definitely are not about to stop and began to run. One of them was drunk I guess, when I passed them he grabbed my arm and the other one with bad breath laughed at me and grabbed my boobs. I kicked him into his balls and ran as fast as I can. Back at home I started crying...

Finally laying in my bed I started thinking. What to do if it happens again? Or worse, if I see this guys again? I was crying and could not sleep.

I started to find for a solution: Self-defense! I used every keyword I could imagine to find the perfect one. I will not explain how I came to Krav Maga, but I finally did. This system is by far one of the best and realistic systems out there.

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