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Posted by Dennis Fritzinger on April 5, 2013 at 1:55 AM

My name is Dennis Fritzinger I have been in the Martial Arts world since 1995. Although I actually have been taking Martial Arts since 1986. My uncle was a Brown Belt in Taekwondo when he introduced me to the world of Martial Arts. I lived in a small town called Slatington, Pa. While living in this town I seemed to be in a street fight every week. Although I thought I was ready to fight and of course I thought I was a bad ass I never backed down from a fight. I was not prepared for what reality really was while fighting normal protocal was you and the other person would fight while a group of people gathered around in a circle to watch. During two of my street fights I have encountered a weapon "knife" being used I was not prepared for this either time. The first time was outside of a police station at a playground while I had a knife put to my throat THANK GOD he didn't actually use it. The second time I was cut badly in my right knee which I still bare to this day a 3 inch scar. In 1995 I started taking TangSooDo which is incorporated with four Martial Arts 1) TaeKwonDo 2) Hapkido 3) Judo 4) Chinese Boxing. I now hold 1st dan in this art. In 1998 I began my career in PasaRyu Karate which is incorporated with four Martial Arts 1) Shudokan Karate 2) Kung Fu 3) TaeKwonDo 4) Hapkido. I now hold Certified Instructor 3rd dan. In 2008 my search for knowledge in the Martial Arts brought me to a Martial Art I never heard of before. The ever popular Krav Maga I had gone to my first seminar. What then as I had thought were really effective street effective Martial Arts. I had learned did not prepare me for the street at all if I were to be attacked again. The Korean Martial Arts did not teach me what I needed to know. I was in amazed by Krav Maga. Although I have since switch my Martial Arts to Krav Maga all together and Have been teaching it since 2010.

I have learned from past experiences that even in Krav Maga you can learn bad techniques. I have taught numerous students over my years as a Pa State Police Lethal Weapons Instructor and Former Dunbar Armored Guard employee nothing ever prepares you for an attack on the street. While over the years I have taught police officers from the Emmaus Police Dept., Hazleton Police, Wilkes Barre Police, Military, Homeland Security, Interns studying to be US Marshals, Securtiy Officers, Correctional Officers, Fugitive Recovery Agents, Jeet Kune Do Instructors, to Kempo Jujitsu Instructors pretty much all walks of life. When I would do a survival night which pretty much when the shit hits the fan night. My students were not really prepared with the techniques I was teaching them.

Martial Arts Instructors all have egoes, just as the students who take them. Sorry but this is a reality. The truth is you have to be able to adapt your techniques to every students strength and real life situation.

When I have taught Defensive Tactics Instructors, and the Local Police, Homeland Security, State Police and other various students of walks of life they have all said the same thing. WOW, I really haven't been taught anything to prepare me. The situation you put me in is so realistic.

The truth is for those in Law Enforcement, Martial Artist, Military, and every day Civilians. You may think you know what to do and your training may be next to none. For the ones who live through the street attack. If you are carrying a gun, you must have time to react to the situation. It comes down to this if you do not have time to use your gun then you will have to fight back until you can. While putting yourself in a harmful situation 9 out of 10 people actually die by their own gun while being attacked, or during an arrest.

My experience has taught me over the years that you have to know what is a good technique that will keep you and your students safe and when to get rid of the technique because in a real life situation it doesn't work.

I now use what I have learned in Krav Maga and still use some very effective techniques from TangSooDo and PasaRyu Karate not against a gun or knife but good against other attacks while teaching.

What I try to tell people is in a real life situation, It's raining or your sweating, possibly bleeding during a attack or confrontation. When your adrenaline is kicking in if you do not know what to do in this situation you will end up seriously hurt or even killed. Worse yet maybe even your loved ones.

I see Krav Maga schools, Brazilian Jujitsu schools, MMA schools, all kinds of schools that really teach their students techniques that will get them hurt on the street. I have seen Law Enforcement not ready for the Real World.

If your going to take the time to learn Self Defense or take Martial Arts. Make sure the techniques not only protect you but your loved ones also. I have seen many Matial Arts even Krav Maga use hand grabs or wrist grabs while trying to attack back against a knife attack. You will never subdue your attacker while using a jujitsu hand grab or wrist grab. Again comes back to this if there is blood, rain, sweat involved or no shirt you cannot hold the arm. This is one of the easiest hold to get out of.

The other is a Gun Attack to many Instructors while teaching their students do not care about their surroundings. let's just take the gun away, while the gun has a hair line trigger and injures or possibly kills your friend or family.

So my question is do you want to keep throwing your hard earned money away. While using techniques that may ineffective on the street or do you want to have confidence that what you are learning will keep you and your family safe.

Learn Real Krav Maga, from an Instructor who is not afraid to adapt to the situation and will take the time to help each individual student become the best Martial Artist they can be. The object is to get home safely that's why you spend your hard earned money.

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