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Dennis Fritzinger Bio: 4th Dan Krav Maga Certified Instructor Recognized by the Federation of Israeli Martial Arts and the International Martial Arts Council of America. Certified under Commissioner Frank Noonan Commissioner State Police as a Lethal Weapons Training Instructor. Inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall  in 2017. Recognized by FIMA Board of Directors Moti Horenstein, Neil Farber, Naftali Yehuda, Dr. Itay Gil, Nir Mamen, David Kahn, Bas Rutten, Mark Gridley, Dr. Robert Goldman, Maurice Elmalem, Gm Moshe Galisko, Alan Goldberg, Shuki Drai, Haim Gozali, Michael Ruppel, John Whitman, Patrick Bittain as a Krav Maga Instructor. Recognized by IMAC Board of Directors John Terry and Marty Cale.


Certification and Acheivements:

Certified by: 

FIMA Directors Board Committee Moti Horenstein, Neil Farber, Naftali Yehuda, Dr. Itay Gil, Nir Mamen, David Kahn, Bas Rutten, Mark Gridley, Dr. Robert Goldman, Maurice Elmalem, Gm Moshe Galisko, Alan Goldberg, Shuki Drai, Haim Gozali, Michael Ruppel, John Whitman, Patrick Bittain.


FIMA Recognized Instructor Krav Maga

Certified by:

IMAC Directors Board Committee John Terry and Marty Cale


4th Dan Krav Maga

Krav Maga Certified Instructor

Certified By:

S.C. Law Enforcement Division


Security Weapons Permit

Certified By:

Hal S. Gindrow, 48 years of Law Enforcement and Security Officers Experience


Pa. Lethal Weapons Training Act 235 Certification

Pa. Certified Agent 

Certified Fugitive Recovery Agent 

Restrains Training Handcuffing Certification

Impact Weapons Expandable Baton Training Certification

OCAT Pepper Spray Certification

Combating Terrorism Certification

Vehicle & Pedestrian Stops Procedures Certification

CPR/AED-Adult and Child plus Infant CPR Certification

First Aid Certification

Certified by:

Commissioner Frank Noonan State Police is a career investigator with more than 30 years of experience. He began his career in 1971 as an FBI agent, investigating public corruption, drugs, bank robberies and kidnappings.


Lethal Weapons Training Instructor 

Certified by:

Moshe  Katz 5th dan Krav Maga has taught members of the FBI, SWAT teams, U.S. Special Forces, Sheriffs Departments, State Police, Israeli and American soldiers, ROTC, Canadian Royal Mounted police and Path Finders, Ukrainian Elite Guards, German Navy Commandos, Dutch Security professionals, Israeli Elite Guards, The Guardian Angels,Moshe is a student of Sensei Itay Gil, 6th dan, former trainer of the Israeli Counter Terror Force, trainer of elite IDF units


IKI Krav Maga Level Three Associate Instructor

Certified by: Luciano Di Genova 5th dan Krav Maga/Krav Magen   


4th dan Krav Maga/Krav Magen

Certified by: Kang H. Rhee  9th dan PasaRyu Karate was Head Instructor for the Korean Military Intelligence Group


WBBB PasaRyu Karate Certified 3rd dan Branch School Instructor

Certified by:

Kang H. Rhee 9th dan PasaRyu Karate was Head Instructor for the Korean Miltary Intelligence Group


WBBB TangSooDo 1st dan

Certified by: 

Alain Cohen 5th Dan Krav Maga Instructor Wingate Institute, Air Marshall Instructor, Counter Terrorism Instructor


Law Enforcement Krav Maga

United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame


Class of 2017

Certified by:

Ernie Kirk, Anne Kirk, and  Paul Landreth Smith, Ernie Kirk, Anne Kirk, and Paul Landreth Smith. Ernie Kirk is a 5th dan Krav Maga, Wingate Senior Instructor. Anne Kirk is a Certified instructor thru KMU. Paul Landreth Smith is a 3rd dan Krav Maga, Ex UK SWAT for London Counter Terrorism Unit, and VIP Protection for Royalty.


International Krav Camp





Krav Maga of Albrightsville

Krav Maga of  Albrightsville incorporates a combination of techniques found in : Krav Maga and Krav Magen, such  as Muay Thai Kickboxing, Submission Grappling which combines Jujitsu, Greco Wrestling and Kali which provide students with a realistic personal protection and fitness system for a modern world                                                  

" Do what you can , but do it right "

ORIGINAL BUKAN SCHOOL OF KRAV MAGA Located In The USA, EKMF KRAV MAGA Representative for USA, Independent Original Bukan School of Krav Maga, of the Great Master Yaron Lichtenstein, 9th dan black belt, recognized nationwide by 'ACSI (Association of Italian Leisure Centers) and by CONI National Technical Director and the representative of the school is the teacher EKMF black belt 5th Luciano Di Genova, assisted by Gimmy Fattorini and Raymond Mattei, black belt 2nd international level.
The school offers an infinite variety of method study, both individually and as a group. Our system of Krav Maga is based on a form of originality, as it is taught in our schools the real and original  Krav Maga school Bukan, the system created by IMI Lichtenfeld for first generation students Who is Yaron Lichtenstein Grand Master Yaron Alexander Lichtenstein, the highest ranked Krav-Maga master living today 2006 and he is the only one of all of Imi Lichtenfeild's students which received this ranked personally from the Krav-Maga creator and founder




Krav Maga meets criteria such as military effectiveness and the speed with which you get to the desired result, which is often the final neutralization of the opponent. Indeed it points precisely to the neutralization of the enemy before they can become a threat, with a mix of techniques ranging from fists to joint locks, kicks and projections. it aims primarily to vital areas of the body such as the genitals, carotid, eyes, etc... ( normally considered untouchable in contact sport, and there fore can not be practiced in the form as sport for all combat sports).



Krav Magen is a system of Israeli street fighting, it is used for combat body to body. The method is based on the natural movements of the human body and excels in it's simplicity, speed and effectiveness. It's a modern method that fits every need of danger. For it's simplicity it is used by the security forces and civilians in many countries. 



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  • "Krav Maga combines the most efficient techniques utilizing diverse fighting systems. The instructor program was professionally organized and taught by Dennis Fritzinger. I found..."
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  • "After studying various martial arts in the past, I am very impressed with krav maga. I am also fortunate to have Dennis as my instructor. He is great. "


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